Nigahe lutf Pe hamse (Kalaam-E Shaikhe Azam)


Nigahe lutf Pe hamse hame Kya kya najar aaya
Jidhar dekha udhar Sarkar ka jalwa najar aaya.

Jabaan kis ki hai jo batla sake gi shaan aaqa ki
Jo quran aur rasuloon me sada yakta najar aaya.

Hai Mahbube rab sani nhi hai ajka aalam me
k jinke naqshe pa ka khuld bhi sadqa najar aaya.

Bashaan-E rahmatallil alamin tashrif farmana
Zameen wa Aasma par aapka qabja najar aaya.

Alam nashrah se rowshan hai kamale shaan mahbubee
Sahaba ki nigaho mai woh ba pardah najar aaya.

Urooj wa irteqa ki manjiloon par koi ja ponhche
Magar darbar-e Ali ma hame mangta najar aaya.

Tamanna thi hawa Izhar par faiz wakaram aisa
Nigahe muntajir ko gumbade khadra najar aaya

1.Kalaam of Syed Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi ul Jilani (Rh.)


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